I’m not sure how these things get started, but multiple news sources are tracking rumors of a Batman/Galaxy Games crossover, to be announced at the upcoming Video Game Awards. The project is said to be called New Batman and the Guardians of the Galaxy Games

One typical example from This Gen Gaming.
Headline from This Gen Gaming.

I’ve been gobsmacked by these rumors in my feed, and feel a need to head them off before they, much like the Andromeda Galaxy, spiral too far out of control.

Yes, I am known to be a longtime fan of the Caped Crusader and yes, I will be putting a Batman reference or two into The Mad Messenger, the upcoming third book in the Galaxy Games series, but the fact remains that the only GG characters with masks and capes currently planned are El Gatito and his fellow luchadores

I’ve not been in touch with gaming journalists, with anyone at DC Comics, or with any game developers working on a Batman project under license from DC. And if anyone’s been talking with these people on my behalf, it’s not being done with my knowledge or consent.

Although, now that I think about it, New Batman and the Guardians of the Galaxy Games could be a fun fanfic project for someone. Perhaps, among the hundred-billion star systems of the Milky Way is an Earthlike world with humanoid life, including a guy in a bat suit. And perhaps this “New Batman” and his fellow Guardians could provide security services for the Galaxy Games Tournament…

I would read that story, but I’m not looking to introduce superheroes into the official Galaxy Games canon at this time, nor is there yet an in-story organization called The Guardians of the Galaxy Games. 

Please spread the word, and help squash these rumors for good.