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Diversity Baby Needs ...

Diversity Baby was born on April 2nd, so she’s no April Fool. Diversity Baby knows is curious about her world and all the people in it. Diversity Baby comes from a family of readers. Diversity Baby’s bookshelf has plenty of space for new books. Diversity Baby needs to experience many viewpoints. Diversity Baby needs to know that she can be a […]

Webcomicky Goodn...

Hey, guess what. I have a webcomic now! Over the years, many people have told me that they or their children have enjoyed reading my first novel, The Penguins of Doom. Others have said they would love to try it out, but alas, the book is out of print and no longer stocked in most stores. […]

Happy Pi D...

I’ve decided there’s not enough math in my life. As an author, I deal in words, artwork, character development, and plotlines–but I’m rarely if ever called on to solve a quadratic equation. Perhaps once a year, when I hit that one line item on the income tax form where you have to solve for x2+3x-7 […]

Bookish Halloween Costu...

When the mists of October signal the start of the annual witching season, you’ll want to get inspired with some great Halloween reads. Then, when you’re in a suitably spooky mood, get ready for the big night itself with a book-inspired costume.

MOOCing it...

Back when books were scribed by hand, the most impressive libraries held only a few hundred titles. A diligent reader with sufficient time could take in a significant chunk of everything ever written. Today, there are roughly three zillion books released in English every year, and all available instantly through our wireless e-readers. So do […]

Lessons from A Brave New Wo...

Dystopian novels are a guilty pleasure. For a few hundred pages, readers can lose themselves in a bleak landscape where humans have gone virtually extinct, or where a vindictive government regularly tosses children into a gladiatorial arena, or where most folks remain oblivious to the environmental wasteland just outside their protective city-sheltering domes–or why not […]

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