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Galaxy Games


Galaxy Games: The Challengers (September 2011)

  • ISBN: 978-60060-660-1
  • Publisher: Tu Books, an imprint of Lee & Low
  • 352 Pages
  • Ages 8-12

Galaxy Games Book #2 (Scheduled Fall 2012 release)

Galaxy Games Book #3 (Scheduled Fall 2013 release)

The Penguins of Doom

(Main Character & Future Rock Star)

To: You, Reading This Letter
Your House
Your Home Town
Wherever That Is

Dear You,

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s because you’re not a judge on the U.S. Supreme Court. Those folks can judge anything they want—book covers, pie-eating contests, and sometimes even laws.

Right at this moment, as you’re reading these words, the nine U.S. Supreme Court judges are sitting around their courthouse, rubbing pie-stains from their black robes, reading this blog, and scowling at the cover below. They’re trying to figure out whether The Penguins of Doom is a goofy-but-harmless storybook or an alien plot for warping your mind.

Penguins of Doom cover

From the title, they probably think this book is only about penguins and doom. Too bad they haven’t read inside, or they’d also know about the mad scientists, robot doubles, rock stars, skateboards, shrink rays, empty yogurt containers, mysteriously-missing triplets, and other stuff that wouldn’t fit in the title.

The judges, seeing that this book’s cover looks a bit like a school notebook, must also think that a lot of math homework gets done during the story. Boy are they ever wrong! I didn’t get any math homework done while writing this book, and I’m pretty sure you won’t get any done while reading it. But don’t worry—you’ll learn how to write awesome excuse letters and always stay out of trouble, just like me!

Finally, the nine judges of the U.S. Supreme Court will be impressed by the serious and respectable name listed as the book’s author: GREG R. FISHBONE. It’s a name that screams out, “POWER! CHARM! HANDSOME GOOD LOOKS!” But really, I have no idea who that guy is or how he got his name printed on the cover of my book. Quinn says the publisher must have thought him up as a way to sell more copies.

The letters in this book were all written by me, Septina Nash, at my desk in homeroom, on the school bus before class, or quickly scribbled in a burger joint in Argentina. One was even written in the second-floor girls’ bathroom at O.W. Holmes Middle School, third stall from the right. I won’t tell you which letter, but you’ll totally be able to guess!

After reviewing this cover, I’m sure the judges will say: “We, the judges of the U.S. Supreme Court, nine of the greatest pie-eating champions of all time, find that The Penguins of Doom is a goofy-but-harmless storybook.”


Septina Nash, An Alien Plot For Warping Your Mind

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