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Bookish Halloween Costu...

When the mists of October signal the start of the annual witching season, you’ll want to get inspired with some great Halloween reads. Then, when you’re in a suitably spooky mood, get ready for the big night itself with a book-inspired costume.

A bit of 1969 died yester...

A bit of 1969 died yesterday

The 1960s are hot, judging by the number of Hendrix covers I’ve heard over the summer and tie-dye themed events I’ve been invited to. I wasn’t around for it, but 1969 always seemed like such an iconic time: Nixon, Vietnam, Woodstock, and especially the first Moon landing. I’ve always been jealous of 1969. All my […]

Eggs in Spa...

Eggs in Space!

Quick! Identify this image: Although they may look like speckled eggs, these are alien worlds! What we’re seeing are just a few of the 1,235 exoplanet candidates identified since 2009 by NASA’s Kepler observatory. Before Kepler, about 500 exoplanets total had been discovered, painstakingly, one-by-one, over more than a decade. This shows how the pace […]

Time Travel Banned in Ch...

Time Travel Banned in China

Recently in China, there have been a glut of popular time travel television shows and movies. Typically, a character from modern China goes back in time and discovers that the past was a great place to live: lots of unpolluted air and water; horseback rides instead of traffic jams; epic battles for a noble cause; […]

Thoughts on a Japanese Earthqu...

Thoughts on a Japanese Earthquake

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan this week. For me, the horrible scenes of┬ádevastation┬ácoming from the Sendai area have brought back a queasy feeling that was one part of my Japan experience I’ve tried for years to forget. During my first week in Tokyo, I was shaken from a sound […]

Has Justin Bieber Read My Bo...

Has Justin Bieber Read My Book?

Read it? He’s practically used it as the blueprint for his entire career! Let’s examine just one example: The 2011 Grammy Awards ceremony. At one point in The Challengers, a young girl with a questionable hairstyle is plucked from obscurity and thrust into the international spotlight. On stage, in front of a huge crowd of […]

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