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Webcomicky Goodn...

Hey, guess what. I have a webcomic now! Over the years, many people have told me that they or their children have enjoyed reading my first novel, The Penguins of Doom. Others have said they would love to try it out, but alas, the book is out of print and no longer stocked in most stores. […]

Galaxy Games blog t...

Galaxy Games blog tour

The Challengers, the first book in my Galaxy Games series, is coming out in September from the new Tu Books imprint at Lee & Low. Information about the book can be found here. With your help, I’d like to do a blog tour–with a twist. If you have a writing, reading, or book review blog […]

My New Facebook Appro...

My New Facebook Approach

I’ve been on the Internet for over fifteen years and have never before needed a “social media strategy” for the websites I’m on. But here in 2011 it’s no longer enough just to tell people that: I’m not able to help you farm your virtual rutabagas, I’m not interested in what kind of unicorn matches […]

Pre-Order the Gal...

Pre-Order the Galaxy

I could hardly believe it today when somebody told me they spotted THE CHALLENGERS on sale at an online bookseller, but it’s now an officially confirmed sighting! You can pre-order your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or your favorite independent bookstore by using the links below.

The Challengers ARC has arriv...

The Challengers ARC has arrived!

An Advance Reader Copy, or ARC, is a pre-release version of a book that gets sent to reviewers, librarians, and other publishing mover-shakers to get them all jazzed about the title. It’s usually a bit rough around the edges, in paperback instead of hardcover, and with text, formatting, and/or artwork that hasn’t been quite finalized […]

Three Books from Tu Bo...

Three Books from Tu Books

I’m here with local author Greg R. Fishbone who is finally able to reveal the details of his exciting new book project. Tell us, Greg,  how many books did you sell and who is your new publisher? Three books and Tu Books. So that makes a total of five books? Very impressive. No, only three […]

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