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I like to receive feedback from readers and the booksellers, librarians, and teachers who work with readers. The best way to reach me is by using the contact form on my website.

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I use my Facebook profile to keep up with family, friends, and colleagues from SCBWI, any of the 2k Classes, Boomwriter, Superguy, or Verla Kay’s Blue Board. You know who you are. Please include a note with your friend request about what our connection is so I don’t accidentally delete your request.

Everybody else should fan my Author Page at or the Galaxy Games Series Page at, or both!


Follow my Twitter Feed at @tem2 for random thoughts and interesting links.


I have an account at Pinterest and am currently using it to recommend fun children’s books and interesting science stories.


My GoodReads Author Page can be found at

I would love it if members could add Galaxy Games: The Challengers to their shelves. If you enjoyed the book, please consider leaving a review that will help other readers.

Please note:

  1. I’m not able to help you farm your virtual rutabagas,
  2. I’m not interested in what kind of unicorn matches my personality, and
  3. I will drop you from my feed if you ever send a tweet-pic from inside a public toilet.