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Galaxy Games FAQ

Can the first book be pre-ordered?

Yes! Pre-order links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and your local independent bookstore can be found in this post.

When will your new book be in stores?

Galaxy Games: The Challengers will be available in September, 2011.

Who is your publisher? Why haven’t I heard of Tu Books before?

Tu Books is a brand new Lee & Low imprint focused on multicultural science fiction and fantasy. The Challengers will be part of their debut list along with Tankborn by Karen Sandler and Wolf Mark by Joseph Bruchac. It’s very exciting for me to be part of something this big!

Can you tell us about the series?

The Galaxy Games series is about a team of kids from around the world who represent Earth in a sports tournament against kids from other planets. The idea came out of a workshop at an SCBWI conference, several years ago, which is why I’d advise everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for sources of inspiration.

What has been your experience working with a new imprint?

Tu Books has put together a great debut list, and working with Stacy Whitman has been an amazing experience. My family drove through New York last year and stopped to have lunch with Stacy. Afterwards my wife commented, “Stacy is as excited about your book as you are!” That sums up perfectly what makes Stacy such a great editor.

How can I add my own question to this page?

On the right side of this site is an “Ask the Author” box where you can direct your questions to me, or you can go directly to my page on Formspring. The best questions will be added to my website.

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