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I’ve been on the Internet for over fifteen years and have never before needed a “social media strategy” for the websites I’m on. But here in 2011 it’s no longer enough just to tell people that:

  1. I’m not able to help you farm your virtual rutabagas,
  2. I’m not interested in what kind of unicorn matches my personality, and
  3. I will drop you from my feed if you ever send a tweet-pic from inside a public toilet.

A more comprehensive policy document is in the works and will be posted to my site when it is ready. At the top of the list will be a new three-pronged approach to Facebook.

My current plan is to use a Facebook author page for general interaction with Internet friends, maintain a Galaxy Games page for news related to those particular books, and keep my main Facebook profile for genuine IRL friends and family. (Thanks to Janet Fox for this excellent suggestion!)

Facebook requires a certain level of activity before a page can go from a horrible-looking URL with lots of slashes and fifteen-digit numbers to a much shorter URL that can be shared with confidence. Thanks to everyone who has become a Facebook fan in the past few days, I’m happy to report that both of my pages have now achieved this threshold. (Yay!)

From now on, my Facebook author page will be located at — but I’m at a loss for picking a short name for the Galaxy Games page (currently

Names I’ve tried that are unavailable or taken include:

  • galaxygames
  • galaxy
  • thegalaxy
  • galaxyfans
  • tysato
  • thegames
  • galaxybooks
  • galactic

And of the names that are still available, I’ve found:

  • galaxynation – which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for
  • galaxygamesbooks – which is kind of long
  • galaxygamers – possible but sounds like a video game site
  • galaxychamps

I’m open to suggestions, if anyone can think of any.

I’m also interested in hearing from authors or artists who have successfully separated public pages from private pages on Facebook or elsewhere on the social media spectrum. I am very much learning about this as I go! Thanks for your patience, everyone!


Thanks for Tim Thomas for inspiring the new URL for my Galaxy Games fan page:

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