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The Challengers ARC has arrived!

An Advance Reader Copy, or ARC, is a pre-release version of a book that gets sent to reviewers, librarians, and other publishing mover-shakers to get them all jazzed about the title. It’s usually a bit rough around the edges, in paperback instead of hardcover, and with text, formatting, and/or artwork that hasn’t been quite finalized yet.

The ARC of Galaxy Games: The Challengers arrived a week before the big New England SCBWI conference, which will give me something to show around to all my friends. Until then, the book will be chilling out with its big sister-book.


Galaxy Games ARC and Penguins of Doom

The Galaxy Games ARC finds a home


I learned from the ARC that the book is scheduled to be released in September 2011, and will also be available in e-book format! I love that my publisher is progressive and forward-thinking enough to do this.

The ARC is not sold in stores and I don’t have any extra copies, but if you are a reviewer I can try to hook you up with the publicity department at Lee & Low. And if you see me at an event between now and the official release date, like at the Brigton Library visit in July, you’ll get to see the ARC in person.

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