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Three Books from Tu Books

I’m here with local author Greg R. Fishbone who is finally able to reveal the details of his exciting new book project. Tell us, Greg,  how many books did you sell and who is your new publisher?

Three books and Tu Books.

So that makes a total of five books? Very impressive.

No, only three books.

Three? But wait. What about the other two books?

There are only three books.

Okay, then I must have misheard. Let’s try this again. What’s the name of your publisher and how many of your books will they be publishing?

Tu Books and three books.

Two books and three books?

Yes, Tu Books and three books.

So you’re saying two books plus three books somehow doesn’t equal five books?

No, still only three books.

We’re not getting anywhere talking about your three books, and you still haven’t told me the name of your publisher.

Tu Books.

Okay, sorry. We’re not getting anywhere talking about your two books–

I have three books.

Nnnngh! Let’s forget about the three books or five books or whatever for now. What’s the name of your publisher?

Tu Books.

Now it’s two books again? Ten seconds ago you said you sold three books!

I did. I sold three books to Tu Books. Tu is an Ainu word meaning ‘many.’

“A you-knew word?”

An Ainu word.

An I-knew word?

Yes, an Ainu word.

So what is the word you think I knew?

The word is Tu, and Tu means many.

Two books isn’t very many.

I know, that’s why I sold three books.

That does it. This interview is over! I quit!

Wait! You never even asked me the name of the player on third base!

But Seriously: Book #1 of my upcoming Galaxy Games trilogy is scheduled for a Fall 2011 release from the Tu Books imprint of Lee & Low Books. Tu Books focuses on multicultural science fiction and fantasy books for young readers.

Apologies to Lou Abbott and Bud Costello, seen here in a classic clip:

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