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to overturn centuries of gatekeeping and erasure

“A serial is a book that thinks it’s a TV show. More of it comes out every week!”

Meet three lesser-known heroes of ancient mythology:

Pyrrha, whose ancestor hatched from a dragon’s tooth,

Iphicles, a young soldier of Ethiopian heritage, and

Alkis, a maiden with the strength of ten men.

In Mythoversal Thebes, they will uncover ancient mysteries, defend their homeland from monsters, and chase forbidden love.

This coming-of-age drama is sure to delight fans of the Percy Jackson series, Lore Olympus, and Song of Achilles.

New episodes drop on Mondays
All. Summer. Long.

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Greg R. Fishbone scores an Olympic-sized victory with this humorous and thought-provoking spin on the classic hero.

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