Greg R. Fishbone

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Latest Blog Posts:

  • Transgender Awareness Week
    November 13-19 is Transgender Awareness Week. I’ve never shared this story with anyone before, mostly because it’s not really mine to tell, but also because it’s not exactly my proudest moment. But it informs some of what I’m trying to accomplish in my writing and will hopefully explain my perspective on why transgender awareness is so important.
  • I Attended an NFT Book Signing
    It wasn’t technically a signing, and it wasn’t technically a book, but it may foreshadow the future of book signings.
  • Introducing My NFT Book Experiment
    The Theory of Value This past March, a JPEG file by the artist Beeple was auctioned off by the prestigious Christie’s Auction House for $69.3 million. Can pixels on a… Read more: Introducing My NFT Book Experiment
  • Decolonizing Mythology
    Even mythology, the most seemingly universal works in the literary canon, should be examined for their intent, their effects, and whether alternate versions might be preferable.
  • Tinkering
    Since Amazon is treating their soft-launch of the Kindle Vella platform as a beta project, I’m also beta testing new images and descriptions.
  • Multicultural Mythoversal Thebes
    For thousands of years, classical mythology has described this mythical-era kingdom as a multicultural melting pot.