When Agamemnon Slayed the Minotaur

Terry Gilliam’s “TIME BANDITS” through a mythological lens I was reminded recently of Time Bandits, the 1981 movie from director Terry Gilliam. In the film, an eleven-year-old boy named Kevin, portrayed by Craig Warnock, falls in with a group of diminutive thieves who have stolen a map to secret passages built into the fabric of… Continue reading When Agamemnon Slayed the Minotaur

Wonder Woman 1984

The new Wonder Woman movie applies lessons from Hesiod’s Third Age of Humankind Through a Mythological Lens: Wonder Woman has been inspired by Greek mythology from her earliest comic book incarnation, and through many other versions including her most recent big screen (or HBO Max) incarnation. Because of her longstanding prominence, the DC Comics and… Continue reading Wonder Woman 1984