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Tales from the Crypto

Cryptoversal Books is the cryptopublishing imprint of Greg R. Fishbone, an author of science fiction and mythic fantasy for young readers including the Galaxy Games series of middle grade novels and the mythic fantasy serial, Becoming Hercules. Greg is also the founder of Mythoversal, a project dedicated to broadening representation in classical tales by amplifying historically marginalized identities and restoring traditions erased by centuries of gatekeeping.

What Are NFT Books?

NFT books are whatever we choose to make of them.

The “Mad Messages” Collection is a pioneering experiment to bring story into the metaverse. NFT book standards are still emerging, no readership yet exists, and the marketplace and its underlying technologies are in their infancy, but if we get this right it will transform our entire culture.

Support for early projects like this one will nurture a platform that resists piracy and censorship while creating a more direct and interactive connection between authors and readers.

Story Comes First

“The Dwogleys are an ancient race that spread the initial seeds of life among the stars. As a child, I was taught that when the Dwogleys moved on, they left their imprint on the halo that surrounds and supports our entire Galaxy.

“Many believe the Dwogleys watch over us still, and that in a time of great need, their Messenger will deliver a new directive. The signs are clear. The Dwogley Messenger is among us now, and the Galaxy will soon be forever changed.”

Prime Engineer N’Gatu of Planet Mrendaria

Each NFT chapter unlocks an episode of The Mad Messenger, the unpublished third book in the sporty sci-fi saga of Tyler Sato and Earth’s first team in the Galaxy Games tournament.

Collect all 32 cards to assemble a complete book and claim a special prize.

A More Eco-Friendly Token

Mad Messages don’t require anyone to chop down and pulp trees, or to expend the energy required for printing, binding, boxing, warehousing, and shipping physical books.

And unlike other NFTs infamously minted on resource-intensive blockchains like Etherium, Mad Messages use the energy-efficient Polygon sidechain.