Mockup of a reader with a print edition of BECOMING HERCULES

Becoming Hercules

Becoming Hercules is a diverse coming-of-age serial that brings Greek mythology back to its multicultural roots.

Author Greg R. Fishbone

on Amazon Kindle Vella

Thanks for making BECOMING HERCULES the first Middle Grade story to make Amazon’s Kindle Vella Top-Faved List for TWO MONTHS in a row!

Meet Three Young Heroes

Pyrrha’s ancestor hatched from a dragon’s tooth. Alkis is a girl with the strength of ten men. Iphicles is a young soldier of Ethiopian heritage.

In Mythoversal Thebes, they will solve ancient mysteries, defend their home from monsters, and chase forbidden dreams.

This diverse coming-of-age drama shares inspiration sources with the Percy Jackson series, Lore Olympus, and Song of Achilles. Available in weekly episodes on Kindle Vella.

How Do I Read It?

Becoming Hercules is a debut serial on Kindle Vella. The story is available on the Kindle app for Apple devices and on Amazon’s website for readers located in the United States or using a VPN.

Receive 200 tokens toward additional episodes.

Podcast Appearances

The Serial Fiction Show

For the launch of Becoming Hercules, I was interviewed by Christine and JP for two separate but related Serial Fiction Show podcasts.

The Reader’s Serial Fiction Show spotlights new serials and includes narrated readings.

The Writer’s Serial Fiction Show discusses the craft behind writing in a serialized format.

Have a listen to either or both, and subscribe to the podcasts for more serial fiction discoveries!

Bonus Material on

Mythoversal brings inclusion to Greek mythology by broadening representation, amplifying marginalized identities, and reversing centuries of gatekeeping and erasure.

Becoming Hercules bonus material includes information about the characters, setting, and culture of this premier serial with more material to be added as the story progresses.