Hercules Meets His Match

Greg R. Fishbone scores an Olympic-sized victory with this humorous and thought-provoking spin on the classic hero.

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Hercules Meets His Match

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This short story by the author of BECOMING HERCULES finds the legendary hero on the verge of completing the last of his Twelve Labors. But when Hera, Queen of the Gods, sends a champion to the Olympic Games, Hercules finds himself facing the greatest challenge of his life.

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This is Hercules at the end of his Labors, not yet finished with his divine course in self-improvement.

This Hercules still makes mistakes, but when he does, he recognizes them and makes unprompted and self-motivated efforts to repair the damage. This Hercules has been humbled. As a result, he’s grown his ability to empathize with other people.

In short, he’s become a hero.

Hercules still has a long way to go, but he now recognizes his path forward and is willing to progress.

I enjoyed writing a story that was grounded in tradition, but with an original plot that I had claimed the freedom to improvise and embellish.