NFT Book Project

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“The Dwogleys are an ancient race that spread the initial seeds of life among the stars. As a child, I was taught that when the Dwogleys moved on, they left their imprint on the halo that surrounds and supports our entire Galaxy.

“Many believe the Dwogleys watch over us still, and that in a time of great need, their Messenger will deliver a new directive. The signs are clear. The Dwogley Messenger is among us now, and the Galaxy will soon be forever changed.”

Prime Engineer N’Gatu of Planet Mrendaria

Mad Messages

The Dwogleys have crafted “Mad Messages” from eco-friendly Polygons. Each Message unlocks more story content and a new clue toward discovering the ultimate secret of the Dwogley Messenger.

Each Message provides utility benefits on the Cryptoversal Discord and a spot on the pre-sale list for an upcoming Cryptoversal release. Each Message will also be matched by a physical book sent to a young reader in an economically disadvantaged community.

Explore the Collection

The Dwogleys are releasing their Mad Messages in three editions onto the OpenSea marketplace. New releases may take place in any order and at any time.

Genesis Edition

For True Believers only. These one-of-a-kind collectibles will never be minted again. Contains the same story episode as in the mundane editions, but with a special message meant for your eyes only.

Gold Edition

A value-priced collectible from the stars. Only three of each episode are available but claim them fast. The Dwogleys will raise the floor as each Message is delivered.

Planetary Edition

For everyone, for a limited time. An ancient legend states that these Messages will appear when the others sell out.

Milestones So Far


The Challengers

The first book in Greg’s Galaxy Games series is published by Tu Books at Lee & Low Books.

NFT Era Begins

Kevin McCoy mints “Quantum,” a pixelated image that’s acknowledged as the first-ever NFT, valued in the millions of dollars today.

The Amorphous Assassin

The second Galaxy Games book is published by Spellbound River Press.

$PAGE Tokens

PageDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to creating a Web 3.0 marketplace for NFT books, issues its first $PAGE tokens, a cryptocurrency built around books.

The Mad Messenger

The long-belated third Galaxy Games book begins serial publication on Amazon’s Kindle Vella platform, marking the ten-year anniversary of the series.

NFT Soft Launch

First “Mad Messages” are minted, establishing this project as one of the first middle-grade novels in the literary NFT space.

Future Roadmap

Today: We are here.

Discord Server: Chat with the author and members of the Cryptoversal team about Mad Messages and the future of NFT books.

Traditional Book Launch: When The Mad Messenger comes out in print and traditional ebook versions, we’ll have an epic party.

Other Projects: Future NFT book projects are being planned. Will you be among the first to know what they are?

Movie Adaptation: Dream big, Mad Messengers.